Iveco daily 35s13 dimensions

To read the full review of this model, click here or on the tab above. Need a van with a lot of load space or a gross vehicle weight GVW to match a light truck? Then the Iveco Daily could well be for you, it offers more of both than any other large van on sale. Thanks to its truck-like separate chassis, the Daily offers not only a massive amount of load capability but exceptionally high 7. The Iveco Daily van offers three wheelbase options, five bodylengths and three roof heights.

Take the Daily to the max, and as much as The exterior dimensions of the various combinations available are outlined in the table below; note that the H values refer to the three available body heights. When viewing on a mobile, you may need to turn the screen sideways to see the whole table.

The total exterior lengths include a rear step, which can be deleted to save around 11mm. Also note the exterior width is without the door mirrors, as that's all Iveco provides.

iveco daily 35s13 dimensions

The onwards model with the three-piece front bumper are also marginally longer than before; we're still waiting on Iveco to confirm the exact dimensions, but it is only a matter of a few millimetres. The chassis cab variant has the same basic width, but offers a further three wheelbase options 4,mm, 4,mm and 5,mm.

That rear step is important, because one of the downsides of the separate chassis design of the Iveco Daily is the height of the load area from the ground — and this comes despite a significant improvement in this area over the previous model. This is fine when gross vehicle weights GVWs go up to 7. The most any 3. This puts it bottom of our list of the best large 3.

This figure is the pre facelift, as we're still waiting for Iveco to confirm any diffrerence in the basic van's weight, following the changes to electric power steering assistance, and so forth. The Daily is also available in 3. All diesel versions of the Iveco Daily are able to tow 3. This makes it our top choice of all vans for towingeven if it does lack some of the fancy electronic aids now available on the latest rivals.

This has an impact on payload. Particularly in the case of the Daily Electric, which is available with up to three battery packs; the amount of battery capacity you choose will significantly alter the amount of payload you can carry. In the UK government finally agreed this was a good idea, and raised the GVW for alternative fuel vans to 4. Enlarge 3 photos. How much to insure this van? Compare quotes at. Show Me. Back to top. Parkers beta preview You are viewing the Parkers beta preview.

No thanks - take me to Parkers.Heads up! Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options.

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Found a bug? Have a question about Iveco Daily wheel specs? Share your knowledge! Wheel- Size. Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base Last Update: Oct. Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims Choose a tab below to get fitment data for your vehicle or to find vehicles matching your criteria.

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IV [ Iveco Daily 29L10 V. It is measured in millimeters. Some factory wheels have a center bore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centered. Rim width in x rim diameter in J is mounting flange type. ET35 is positive offset of 35mm. It is vital not to deviate too far from the offset of the wheel originally fitted to the vehicle.

PCD is measured in mm. Iveco Daily 29L12 V. Iveco Daily 29L14 C. Iveco Daily 29L14 V.

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Iveco Daily 35S Iveco Daily 35S11 V. Iveco Daily 35S12 V. Iveco Daily 35S13 V. Iveco Daily 35S14 G. Iveco Daily 35S14 GV. Iveco Daily 35S14 V.

See Alloy Wheel fitment information for Iveco Daily for other model years: Try our Wheel Calculator Help us with our new project TiresVote. Submit tire review. Your email was successfully sent. Notify about the error in selected text Add your data and comments Send us the correct data Other.So much more than a commercial vehicle.

The New Daily van is designed to help you operate your business sustainably and profitably. With the New Daily van, technology is at your service : when you spend the majority of your working day behind the wheel, you want your on-board living conditions and driving experience to be second to none. Throughout its year history, the Daily has continuously made improvements, raising your living and driving experience to the highest levels in the industry.

The New Daily van embraces connectivityunlocking a whole new world of highly personalised services precisely tailored to match your use of the vehicle and your requirements. It is your complete transport solution, custom-made for your business. Whatever your business, you will find the perfect Daily van for your business, with the widest line-up in the industry.

Iveco daily 35s13

Customise your Daily from the extensive selection of bodywork solutions and choose the version that satisfies your transport requirements: panel van, semi-windowed and windowed van. The wide offering of wheel bases, roof heights and rear overhangs results in a vast range of cargo volumes. In fact, the Daily is the only van offering cargo volumes from 7. Carry a bigger payload with the high-performance front suspensionwhich raises the maximum permissible load. You can count on a front axle maximum load capacity of up to kg on the 3.

Available in both light- and heavy-duty homologation with rated power ranging from to hp. The Daily VAN ADAS reduces the risk of accidents on motorways and busy city streets, help you in tricky situations and takes the stress away in heavy traffic — to the benefit of your quality of life on board.

Home Products On Road Light 3. Discover now. Discover more. Smooth and effortlessly manoeuvrable. It also damps vibration and compensates for drift and wheel unbalances, resulting in a feeling of great stability and control. Superior Driving Comfort and Ergonomics. You can make both axial and angular adjustments to the steering wheel and set up the perfect driving position for better comfort and ergonomics.

The smaller, leather multifunctional steering wheel puts a wide range of controls at your fingertips and leaves more leg room, adding to your overall comfort. In rush hour congestion, you can activate Queue Assist at the touch of a button. Rush hour stress will be a thing of the past!

The new high-resolution colour display cluster provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface that makes it extremely easy to interact with your Daily and access in real time all the key settings and information you need to get the best from your vehicle. Safety and efficiency with real-time tyre pressure monitoring.It offers one of the most comprehensive heavy-van ranges available, with models covering the 3,kg to 7,kg gross-weight range.

There are window vans, chassis and crew cab variants, as well as heavy-duty 4x4 models. We focus here on the models up to 3,kg GVW, which includes the four body lengths and three roof heights of the complete Daily van line-up. Crew-cab vans are included in the range, all based on the H2 medium-height roof variants. The range starts with the shortest for 3,mm wheelbase models, then progresses through the L, which has the same wheelbase but a longer body, then the and the longest The Daily was the first van to feature a Power options include six diesel power ratings, from bhp to bhp, from two four-cylinder diesel engines of 2.

In addition, there's a bhp natural gas variant of the 3. Because the UK Daily range starts at 3,kg GVW, the van is sold as a heavy commercial vehicle, and no fuel consumption or carbon dioxide emissions data is published for it in the UK.

This makes it more difficult to compare with other models. That said, the Daily is fairly fuel efficient, especially with the smaller 2. The twin-turbo bhp 3. If you need space, the Daily will provide it, with up to On the other hand, a large body on a 3,kg GVW van squeezes the payload and the biggest Daily at this weight offers a gross payload of 1,kg, compared with 1,kg for the smallest body.

So, if you operate with high payloads, you'll need to match body size carefully with payload requirements to avoid overloading. The Daily is one of the widest vans in its class, with a load-space width of 1,mm.

Models with single rear wheels offer 1,mm between wheel arches, with space for a Europallet to fit between, either way round. This width is reduced to 1,mm for twin rear-wheel models, but this is still enough for a Europallet placed lengthways. The optional sliding side door gives an aperture 1,mm wide, which will also take a Europallet lengthways.

The H3 Daily is also one of the taller vans in its class, offering an internal height of 2,mm. Remote central locking is standard in all Daily models, helping to secure the load area easily when the driver is away from the vehicle. All Dailys come with load-sensing ESC electronic stability control as standard — one of the first vans to do so after the Mercedes Sprinterso that weighs in its favour where safety equipment is concerned.

The Daily has been around for a long time and the latest diesel engines have been in use for some years. There's also support from the Iveco dealer network, which offers extended and out-of-hours servicing if needed. The Daily feels more substantial than some rivals, but it is still an easy van to drive. Obviously, the best performer is the 3.

Probably the best all-rounder is the 2. The most refined is the Natural Power natural gas engine, but few buyers will be able to live with the lack of refuelling points in the UK. The Daily is offered with the Agile gearbox, an automated manual option.

Of the single-clutch automated manual systems available with vans, it's probably the best, offering smooth changes under most driving conditions. The Daily cab may not have changed much in 10 years, but it has been subject to continuous improvement. The materials offer reasonable quality, even if the design is not as modern-looking as some rivals. It's well equipped, too, with electric windows, an adjustable steering wheel, tinted glass, remote central locking and a pull out table in the dual-passenger seat included as standard.

The mid-spec Daily Plus gets cruise control, heated electric mirrors, provision for a TomTom sat-nav and an overhead storage shelf as well.The Iveco Daily is a large light commercial van produced by the Italian automaker Iveco since ; it was also sold as the Fiat Daily by Fiat until Unlike the more car-like unibody Fiat Ducatothe Daily uses a separate ladder frame typical of heavier commercial vehicles.

The Iveco Daily is produced at the Iveco Suzzara plant, near Mantova in Italy, where Iveco has recently made substantial investments to renew the production lines. The Daily is also the longest-running vehicle of the Iveco production and in over 40 years have sold over 3 million examples. Today it is marketed in markets around the world. The first series Daily was offered with two models, the 35 and the 50 3.

Ina turbodiesel version named "TurboDaily" was introduced.

Iveco Daily dimensions (1993-2006)

The second generation Daily was introduced inwith a totally revised cab and improvements on the Sofim engine at that time, with a 2. Following the entry of Ford's commercial operation into Iveco, inThe Daily 3. The Daily has no other connection with the Transit. The second generation was facelifted in ; it differs only slightly exterior-wise, but the engine was now available in 2.

The chassis cabs and panel vans and minibus models were launched GVW 6. All-wheel-drive variants were also made available. With third series the Daily got new light groups wider and lower. The Turbodaily name was dropped as all turbodiesels came with Unijet technology common rail.

Two new versions were released: "Agile", with automatic gearshift, and "CNG", a natural gas version. Also two new load classes were introduced: Daily 65 and Daily 28 6. The Iveco Daily was made "Van of the Year" for the year The third generation of the Iveco Daily and the second generation of the Renault Mascott share many panels and some components of the cab, including the doors due to an agreement between Iveco and Renault stipulated in July Originally there were models with three engine options, all of type of 2.

In came F1A engine with 2. At this time, the old engine was completely replaced. The fourth generation was designed by Giugiaro and arrived to markets in the middle of The minibus is also commercialized with the Irisbus brand.Iveco daily repair and maintenance. Post Aug 09, 1 T Post Aug 10, 2 T Post Aug 10, 3 T Post Aug 11, 4 T Post Aug 11, 5 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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iveco daily 35s13 dimensions

Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Joe Hi, I am thinking of buying a LWB H2 or H3 to convert to a motorhome, does anyone that has already done this have any detailed dimensions of the load space or any plans. I am looking to CAD a layout plan for the conversion and would be happy to post it on here for future reference once its complete. Also, anything I should look out for during the conversion? Hi This is for a 45C11 3rd gen Pete. Thanks guys, i had a play around with some design software and came up with this layout.

35S12 Internal dimensions

Now to get some extra cash together and get a donor van. Joe 73 wrote: Thanks guys, i had a play around with some design software and came up with this layout.

Nice layout. Very similar to my layout in my MWB van. I don't have room for the front dinette, but have a double seat fro additional seating when travelling. But my shower, kitchen and fixed transverse double bed are in the same place as yours.

Bear in mind that the walls are not straight and curve in quite a bit at the top. So keep that in mind for places like the shower. Back to top. OK Join. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.We can help you decide which method of funding will suit your individual requirements?

Transmission Any Auto Manual. Euro6 Any Yes No. Euro 6 Any Yes No. Used Vehicles: All of our vehicles are prepared to the highest possible standard with every van undergoing a full mechanical check, service and a professionally valeted.

Our vans come with 12 months MOT and the remainder of manufacturers warranty, or a minimum of 6 months Auto Protect warranty, which can be extended up to 3 years. New Vehicles: All new vans supplied come with full manufacturers warranty.

iveco daily 35s13 dimensions

Finance Example. In most cases we can include the additional costs onto your finance agreements to help with your cash flow. They improve security by adding an additional locking point to the door and therefore work independently to the vehicles existing locking mechanism. With vehicle graphics, every mile you drive can help proomote your business. Vehicle graphics turn your car, truck or van into a moving advertising media that will grab up to visual impressions per mile making vehicle graphics the most cost effective form of advertising medium.

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